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About Us

Letistitch - is a new cross stitch brand, established in United Kingdom.

Kits are manufactured at the Luca-S factory, Republic of Moldova, and provide the highest quality.

This project is intended as a wholesale business, founded by designer Anastasia Luca-Brasoveanu in 2019 year.

We are offering to cross stitch fans the largest range of lovely designs, always new and expanding like:

Traditional embroidery kits with more complicated patterns in different techniques: cross stitch, combined with outlines, stitches in 1, 2, 3 and 5 threads on types of fabric like Aida.

We offer the kits of various difficulty levels for any taste and budget.

If needlework is the aim of your business too, then you will surely be interested in our offers for wholesale customers.

All the assortment of Letistitch needlework kits is presented on our website. 


Thank you for your choice.

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